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Album: Here we are


I must' ve tried for a hundred times
but I couldn' t get it out of my head
I been tryin' for a thousand times
but I can' t get it out of my head
and every time I look into the mirror
I see somebody instead
I think I tried it for a hundred times
but I cant get it out of my head
I want it, I need it, I want it so bad
I want it, I need it, I want it so bad
I must' ve tried for a hundred times
but I couldn' t get you out of my head
I been tryin' for a thousand times
but I can' t get you out of my head
and every time I look into the light
I see your face instead
I think I tried it for a hundred times
but I can' t get you out of my head
I want you, I need you, I want you so bad
I want you, I need you, I want you so bad


Yeah we keep on burning the roof
Raw and real hot wired we' re kings of the blues
Fuses blow sweat flows eyes glow in the dark
Lighters spark cool licks frostbite dynamite
No fake see my face when we sachez on stage
All the men go crazy ladies shout hoorays

Der Beat ist ein Rocker der Bass ist ein Tier
Um die Nachbarn zu schocken dreh ein bisschen lauder hier
Für den Bauch die breite Bass in your face kommt die Snare
Wollt ihr mehr kriegt ihr mehr komm nur mal her komm näher her
GMGB ist am Rollen um in die Vollen zu gehn
Damit Bedürftige endlich das was sie wollen verstehn
Davon mal abgesehn sind wir in geheimer Emission mit Chefspion
Rainer von Vielen von der Aussenstation

Aha we never stopped rocking those places
Yeah we' re right on top and we got smiling faces
Knocking aces on the table no record deal no lable
From the boneyard to the cradle unintentionally fatal
6 string pistoleros mucho gusto no dinero
We get love from all the ladies cause we real caballeros

That' s right we keep on shaking the roof
We been walking this far see we got nothing to loose
It' s been a long road a hard road no holes in my shoes
I' ve got my Redwings on and we' re creepin to the groove
GMGB in the house Rainer von Vielen on the loose
Put your hands in the air and bounce like Kangaroos


Living rough for a long long time
Only my bottle treats me kind
Everything I got is in a shopping cart
Summers alright but wintertime' s real hard
Got police breathing down my neck
Any crime around man I' m the main suspect
Why' s everybody tryin' to put me down
No cash no home and the rain' s pouring down

Ain' t got no home Ain't got no House and no Home

Begging at the corner on my bended knees
Plastic cup could you spare a quarter please
I used to have a place that I called my home
But now I lay my head anywhere I roam


Blues comin over me like an oceanwave
Will i get washed ashore
Or is it gonna me take me to my grave
She lingers on and i can feel her in the air
They say that time' s a healer but time ain' t passing by

That woman got me burning in hell
That woman got me in her spell
That woman got me on my knees
That woman

Blues barreling over me like a 40 ton truck
It knocks me off my feet
I don' t know if I can get back up


Well I' m lazy I won' t get out of bed
Lazy no matter what I said
I don' t mind if I get the sack
There' s good music on my radio
People running through the streets
And I don' t know if they know where to go
I know should be on the site
With the foreman breathing down my neck
You can' t catch me you won' t see me
Cause I' m right here where it' s at

Well I' m lazy I won' t get out of bed
lazy my decision states the fact
that I' m lazy and you can' t get into my head

Landlord' s patience is running thin
And I know he wants his money schnell
I just turn onto the other side
While he keeps on ringing the bell
He can ring my bell ring my bell
He can go to hell go to hell

Lazy I won' t get out of bed
lazy you can' t get into my head
I don' t feel no pain and sorrow
Lie here like there' s no tomorrow


Man it' s been raining for such a long time
My mind is gutted and lord i haven' t been fine
I just know why yeah i just know why
We' re just 2 people of the same kind
You look familiar i think you haven' t been fine
And i tell you why I can tell u why
The rivers are flooded but your heart is dry

Can i drive you home tonight
I've been watching you watching me
Babe all the time
Can i drive you home tonight can I drive you home

Too many people working overtime
They feel rejected love is on the decline
And i just know why yeah i just know why
So many people walking on a thin line
They turn to violence rage has made them blind
And i tell u why  I can tell u why
There' s plenty of water but their hearts are dry

We need some good vibrations for mankind
I saw them fight at the lights the other night
Now that' s so lowdown i say we got to get high
And we' ll touch the sky
My heart is beating and my mouth is dry


Kisses in the morning
Kisses all day long
Kisses in the evening
Without it something`s going wrong


Honey hold me tight
Not just in the middle of the night
I' m standing right in your bed
Got your kisses in my head

I don' t need no sunny skies
I just want your cat grey eyes
Kisses in the morning
Without it another day so boring


There was no reason but the blues came along
The backpack was slack checked, the coffee was strong
The waitress so sweet we had to get on the move
My heart startet pumping to the engines groove
Oh Lord what' s gonna happen cause we sold our souls
To the sound that we play we threw the dice and they rolled
Got a beat on the radio the DJ said
There ain't no need to look back cause now your right on track

We got hungry so we stopped at the shop
The wind was a howling I tried to stay on top.
It was all kinda strange i turned to the Rainer who said:
"Hey man, just keep going I think there's zombies ahead"
Screeching tyres, barely made it to the road
Rainer went mad and prayed the liner notes
My head was ringing and the shadows were long
We didn' t loose hope we had the radio on

To the DJane who played a hundred good songs
To the DJane who had it going on
To the DJane who kept holding it down
To the DJane she kept on spinning them round

We still wanted coffee, there was no roadhouse in sight
no place to get off and Dee was playing the slide
I was checking the rearview, headlights closing in
It was a big black truck I started counting my sins
Nobody at the wheel of that big ol' truck
No face for the devil, when the lightning struck
Bumper to bumper, thats when the DJ said:
Just keep on going boys there' s good coffee ahead.

There' s no need to panic ain' t no use to cry
When there' s a truck up your rear and a bad moon in the sky
We all started singing, the DJ played our favorite song
Niko woke up and asked "What the hell' s going on?"
That very moment i saw a sign lighting up
I pulled off the freeway the Mack burning away
Thank god in heaven for a good radio DJ


I need a little bit of sunshine
I need a little bit of wind and rain and snow
I been standing on the mountain top
Honey I love you
Did you know
I got u on my mind
I' ve been waiting all this time
I need a little bit of ocean breeze
I need a little bit of sand and salty air
I been scrambling through the sand dunes
I want to run my fingers through your hair
I got u on my mind
I' ve been waiting all this time
I need a little bit of thunder
I need a little bit of pale light from the moon
I' ve been away for such a long time
But I' ll be with you soon


How the hell' s a man to know
If they' re acting real or putting on a show
Some women want you to treat them like a queen
Some stay with a man even if he treats them awfully mean
It' s all a big mystery to me but I know one thing I learned
If you don' t feed the fire man the fire just won' t burn
So if your lady has a burning desire
Do everything you can man and don' t deny her

You gotta make love to the woman if she wants it right then and there
You gotta love your woman and show her that you really care

You know man and woman are from a different kind of galaxy
You need love as a translator and love as the referee
Listen to your heart and you' ll begin to see
If you don' t get that buddy it' s going to be hard for you to see
Women are like the water that grinds away the stone
But at the same time they' re hard down to the bone

20 000 MILES

I sailed a 20 000 Miles across the ocean just to find you girl
I crawled all through the dusty desert and I haggled with a sheik to get yourself free girl
I robbed banks like Jesse James to pay a handsome ransom just for you girl
I looked a thousand gifted horses in their mouth
And turned them down to play the clown
For you girl
I wrestled with the crocodiles in the river Nile
Just to impress you girl
I killed a big white shark just with a knife to save your life
How do you do girl

You had it coming
My eyes were blind
Now I stopped running
No more slave to the grind
Do whatever I don' t mind
Cause I found someone to cherish me

I bought tickets long as my right arm
Just to get to you girl
I learned to play guitar even sitar to be a star
Just for you girl
I turned down an invitation to dine with the queen of Malaysia
To window shop with you girl
All the dancers of the Moulin Rouge had the blues cause I chose
To be with you girl
I claimed diamonds from the mines I guess it was like pearls to swine
When I gave them to you girl
It took a real long time to realize my eyes where blind
But now It' s just bye bye
To you girl


Yellow roses standing by my bedside
There' s tears in your eyes that you can' t hide
We try to talk it over but then we just fight
I slam the door run down the stairs
Sit into my car and drive off into the night

I' m standing by the side of the road
And I' m contemplating why I ever gave you
Yellow Roses

Someone once told me that Yellow Roses mean goodbye
I guess that person well it must' ve been right
And as I drive on and on through this lonely night
I realize I must have hurt your pride

Yellow roses shone once so bright
Tonight they tell me our love has just died
And I feel down and out but somehow free
I guess that' s alright
So I just keep on driving don' t know which destination I' m going
Into the dawning light

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