GMGB - Good Men Gone Bad - Stuttgart Live-Band


Album: Driving without a license


I’m rolling down the Autobahn
Feeling cool with my man by my side
And we’re chillin’
“Willing” on the stereo
Profile low
No special place to go
Just rolling with the flow
And i know even though
Someone is tryin to push me off the line
Everything is just fine but i take my time
And then i move to the side
Cause I'm rolling down the Autobahn

We’re rolling, rolling down the Autobahn
Ain’t nobody push us cause we’re just having fun
I said we’re rolling rolling down the Autobahn
Hey gimme a high five put the car into Drive
They want us Dead or Alive

Now Dee and Me on Automatic Pilot
Rollin’ down the road and we just have to smile a lot
Cause we got that bud
Hot blood
Pumping through my veins
Monster Magnet driving me insane
Full moon clouds cutting up the sky
I see the trees roll by
Eating mile after mile
We’re like kites so high
Yeah high as a kite
And we’re rolling down the Autobahn

Good Men crawling in that big black van
Crazy heat like down in Rajastan
We hit the border out of order
Wearing shorts like boxers
Custom men staring
But they just can’t stop us
We’re so fly
Nobody can mock us
Feel so high
No earthquake could rock us
Dr.J at the wheel and we ain’t on the run
No Mama we’re just rolling down the Autobahn


Living in living out
Between the chairs
I don’t care
About the clothes you wear
Different styles
A million miles of files
Cut my hair if i want to

Breaking rules I’m a fool
If i want you to want to love me
I’m a man got no car
Play guitar
Come to me if you want to

Got no regrets
I don’t beg you to feel like I do
Not wait for sunshine
The rain ain’t gonna wait for me
And I’m not waiting for you

People come People go
We don’t pray we play and stay
No matter what you say
I still believe and I still trust
This is just a song
And we’re still strong


Walking through the dark in the valley
Clouds are hanging low in the sky
Wondering if you’re just an illusion
In the middle of the night

Music fills my head with desire
The wind blows your name in my ear
How could i find a way to your heart babe
In the middle of the night

In the middle of the night
Wish you’d be by my side
Walking down this road
Drifting out on a boat
I’ll hold you tight when it’s cold
In the middle of the night

The night is so lonely without you
I know your touch would make it right
How I wish you would be by my side girl
In the middle of the night


Now Flo he rolls a fat one
BJ lays the groove on
Sleepy slides a lick on
And the Doctor calls the check on
Getting high don’t take long
There’s nothing like a good song
We’re pumpin’ out the beat son
And going to have some good fun

If life sometimes don’t seem right
Try looking for the bright side
Or make love in dim light
Cause when you kiss you can’t fight
It’s nice to feel that lovebite
You should try it cause you just might
Take off into full flight
You got it, babe?

We  got to get high
We  got to get by
Don’t want to see my mama cry

Blues down in a rough club
We’re working hard for our grub
The feedback get’s us picked up
And we hand you down our lovecup
Drink it and we’ll fill it up
It’s going to be a long putt
And if they say the time’s up
We’ll shake it cause we don’t stop

So people get it going
Stop looking and start showing
Steady rollin’ keep it flowing
Love and happines is growing
It’s a hurricane and it’s blowing
You we’re blind but you’ll be knowing
We  can reap what we’ve been sowing
Get togehter keep it going


Nothing can break
So there’s nothing to mend
There’s no now and no then
No way out no way in
I’m just rolling these streets
I feel just like a crazy man

Crazy  man
Drive on and on just like a
Crazy  man
You  got to save me  I’m a  
Crazy  man

Well you know
I’ve been in this place before
And i know i should’ve learned
But right now I’m just burning with desire
I’m in the middle of a fire
And i feel just like a
Crazy man

You got to know
I won’t come knocking on your door
But i will wait  for evermore
There’s no beginning no end
I just don’t know where I am
The people say that I’m a
Crazy man

Crazy  man
Drive on and on just like a
Crazy  man
I loose control I’m going
Crazy man
You  got to save me  I’m a  
Crazy  man
Take me to the hospital


I got Jesus coming my way
But the devil’s on my back
It looks like it’s a good day
But i just might slide off the track
I’m longing for the freeway
But a dead end is ahead
My future is looking bleak
And my past is already black

Used to be so easy
Bad things just didn’cross my mind
Fun was all that mattered
Now i left it all behind

The road is long and rocky
and my feet are bare
I got Jesus coming my way and
I got to meet him there
There is a dark black tunnel
Some say there’ll be a light
I guess i got to believe it
Cause if I don’t I might
Just break down and die

It’s all so dark and frightening
But J is on my way
You got to give me strength lord
To make it through the day
I'm trying just to be brave
I can see them dig a hole
It looks like this is my grave
Oh Jesus save my soul


Home, home is where my heart is
This is where i lay my head
You  bet I feel good
When I’m rolling strolling
Out in the sun
An outlaw on the run
Like from Sydney  to Cooktown
Anxious for the next day to come  round
Ain’t nothing that can get me down
Down Under

Today I’m in a melancholic  mood
And despite feeling sad
I’m feeling good
Today I’m  in a melancholic  mood
And despite having  a grey day
I still feel good

Hanging out in Oakland
Burgers from the cornerstand
Talking to the old men
Cruising in a  big van
Van  the Man and Blues at  Ely’s Mile High
I’m riding up into Portland
Rolling on my own
Got stuck in the snow man
Didn’t feel the cold then
Even though a cold wind was blowing
Chillin’ all  my  bones
So when I  reminisce
I just feel like this
I get kinda sad  but still I’m glad
About the good times that I had
You  heard what I said
Good  Men Gone Bad
In the house

Today I’m in a melancholic  mood
And despite feeling sad
I still feel good
Oh my  when I think about it
I could cry  when I picture this
But I know I’ll go away again
I will go
All around the world

Now it’s 0711 and the 747
Is touching down
I  take a  cab guitar in my lap
And i stab into the heart of Benztown
At sundown
But I just stop to give my props
Before i roll on to my hometown
I know you be a  sucker for that rhyme
It’s 07147 Saxenheim


GMGB turn sour milk sweet
Make bodies throw back the white sheet
Take off the foot tag
Zip down the bodybag
And move it laid back
Cause we’re slack
Slack key like Gabby
Not tacky
You happy?
123 microphone check checkys
Sleepy  Dee with the funky attack
And Dr.J with the yackety yack

You seem a little bit tight lipped babe
Be with us on the nightshift and then we’ll
Get you offf on the right trip
We can get funky all the way

We’ll make you eat up all your green beans
Move you like the dream team
Shake up that mean scene
You’ll burn without sunscreen
I’ll shake it out my sleeve
Crisp like a dry leaf
We’ll smoke the peace pipe
And I am the high chief
I sort out any beef
Cause our Leitmotiv  
Is having a good time
From Bombay to Mannheim
Expanding the hoodline
With some good rhymes
And in no time y’all be mine

No rags no tags no colors no nine

Turn off you TV and come to the party
It’s Dr.J with the Summa Cum Laude
Good Men Gone Bad
We don’t come rowdy
So when you see me just say ‘Bout Ye
You got to feel the groove
The need to move
Give me 4 on the floor
Come on
You got to rock me  and don’t stop me
You got to feel me cause  igot my man Sleepy
He’s freaky yeah he’s coming on fine
Come on time get in line and move to my rhymes


So you think you failed tonight
You could be wrong you could be right
And you wonder what it’s like
Out of town and out of sight

Move on up
It might bebetter down the line
Move on up you’re wasting precious time

So the walls are closing in
Your head juststarts to spin
All your plans they just fell through
Your live’s a darker shade of blue



City center escalator underground
Time to get out there’s another man down
He kissed his destiny and he tried on a shroud
But he got lucky they brought him back around
It’s time to get a grip before sundown
Concrete and ice in Benztown

You got to take it slow
The feelings got to grow
It’s gonna be just fine
Gotta take a day at a time

City center intersection where is it going now
You can drown your sorrows by the edge of town
Pour your heart out with an angel
She’s gonna lay you down
Share a lie live a dream and get turned back out
You always crash the same car
Man you got to get down
Concrete and ice in Benztown
City center contemplater turn it down
Shallow waters don’t let that boat hit the ground
You gotta do a 180 and rip that rudder round
And set the big sail cause there’s
new shores to be found
hey you can be a king
just grab that crown
can’t you see it’s hanging
on that rainbow over Benztown

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